The name of the school "JAMPEL" has been derived from Jampel Yang (Manjushri), the Bodhisattva of Wisdom - who's is the Bodhisattva counterpart to Adi  Buddha (Thomai Sangye), the Primordial Buddha. He is the tutelage deity of Astrology and generally the protector of students. Manjushri is often considered to be the Buddha's incarnate wisdom. Jampelyang represents the faculty of knowledge and learning. As an embodiment of knowledge, his ritual is recited at the beginning of the day. The Manjushri mantra OM AH RA PA STA NA DHI DHI is believed to enhance various wisdom of explaining, understanding, debating, writing, memory and so on. He is usually depicted raising a double edged sword in his right hand and holding scriptures with blue utpala  flower in his left hand seated on a multicoloured lotus throne. Manjushri's sword is tipped with flames to show that it severs all notions of duality. It can cut away delusion, aversion and longing thus revealing understanding, equanimity and compassion. As a Bodhisattva he is depicted as a sixteen year old youth thus confirming the fact that wisdom is not merely associated with maturity and age but is a direct consequence of logical enquiry into the true nature of  reality".